Illinois' stadium getting big video upgrade

Illinois' stadium getting big video upgrade

Mock up of Illinois scoreboard and video board upgrades. (Courtesy: Illinois Athletics)

Mock up of Illinois scoreboard and video board upgrades. (Courtesy: Illinois Athletics)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]llinois is making a big move in the scoreboard war.

The Illini athletic department announced it is working with Daktronics on a big upgrade to the Memorial Stadium video display boards.

The new HD main display will measure 36 feet tall by 96 feet wide, making it one of the 20 largest in the country and the sixth largest video board in the B1G. (Chart below.) By comparison, the current video board is 22 feet by 39 feet.

According to the release, the new main display is part of a “full design-build aspect for the entire South end zone structure from the Memorial Stadium lettering to the columns framing the main video display.”

The south end zone addition will include a new scoreboard and 50-foot wide ribbon display below the main video board. An identical scoreboard (without video display or the ribbon board) will be installed above the north end zone seats.

In addition to the end zone setup, two LED ribbon displays will be installed on the fascia between the seating decks, one on each side of the field. These displays will span more than 70 yards down each sideline. There will also be 10×17 wall-mounted video displays will be installed in the southeast and southwest corners of the stadium.

The current display was installed in Memorial Stadium prior to the 2002 season. Disassembly of the display started on Jan. 28, and the new display is scheduled to be operational by early summer 2013.

B1G Video Display Boards
Area (sq ft) Dimensions
Michigan State 5,412 114.8 x 47.2
Ohio State 5,208 124 x 42
Minnesota 5,184 108 x 48
Michigan 3,991 84.8 x 47.1
Nebraska 3,951 117.6 x 33.6
Illinois 3,456 96 x 36
Indiana 3,276 91 x 36
Purdue 2,158 68.5 x 31.5
Iowa 1,441 67 x 21.5
Wisconsin 1,032 43 x 24
Northwestern 432 24 x 18

Note: Penn State is not listed.

(Source: Wikipedia.)


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