Video: Franklin takes jab at "Nicky Satan"

Video: Franklin takes jab at "Nicky Satan"

Franklin: "“There’s this guy at Alabama, I think his name is Nicky Satan..." (Photo: Vanderbilt Athletics)

Franklin: ““There’s this guy at Alabama, I think his name is Nicky Satan…” (Photo: Vanderbilt Athletics)

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o one will ever question Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin’s audacity.

Since taking over the Commodores in December 2010, Franklin has never been one to pull punches. It’s worked, for the most part, elevating the program’s visibility and recruiting, and his team’s’ level of play.

So it’s not a total shock that Franklin would take a jab at the king of the college football world, Alabama’s Nick Saban.

Speaking at the football banquet for Central High in Macon, Ga., Franklin referred to Saban as “Nicky Satan.” (Nigel Bowen, a four-star linebacker that is committed to play for the Commodores next fall, attends Macon Central.)

“There’s this guy at Alabama, I think his name is Nicky Satan. You guys have probably heard of him before,” Franklin told the crowd. “I’m gonna outwork him, I’m gonna outwork him. And that’s kind of our plan every single day.”

WMAZ-TV in Macon posted video of Franklin’s comment on their website and, not surprisingly, it created quite a buzz across social media.

You can view the clip below, and you won’t have to wait long to hear Franklin’s dig.

Fortunately for Franklin, Alabama isn’t on the Commodore’s schedule next season, so for now, Saban will have to settle for extracting his revenge on the recruiting trail.

Vanderbilt’s current No. 20 class ranking by has to be considering a smashing success for the long-time SEC cellar dweller, but Bama’s class is currently No. 3 and poised to potentially move up with a few open slots left.

Saban’s probably not losing a lot of sleep over the comments, but with the story now going viral, you have to wonder if Franklin is a little bit concerned that “Nicky” will decide take a long look at the Vanderbilt commit list during this last week before Signing Day.

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