Closer Look: Wisconsin staff gets big pay bump

Closer Look: Wisconsin staff gets big pay bump

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ret Bielema has cited a lack of funds for assistant coaches as one of the primary reasons he left Wisconsin.

Barry Alvarez and Gary Andersen

Barry Alvarez and Gary Andersen

But it doesn’t look like Gary Andersen will have that problem.

According to Tom Mulhern of the Wisconsin State Journal, Andersen’s nine assistants will make combined $2.495 million – up from $1.973 million in 2012.

The $522,000 increase is a jump of more than 26%, and would have ranked third among Big Ten public universities trailing only Ohio State ($3.29 million) and Michigan ($2.93 million). Bielema’s 2012 staff ranked seventh in the Big Ten.

Back in December, Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez defended the assistants’ pay.

“Our pay scale for assistant coaches is more than competitive and fair,” Alvarez said. “As athletics director, I know what people are making, and every time someone has a hint that they may take another job, it’s not prudent to jump and throw a pile of money at them.”

Though in the aggregate it looks like Alvarez completely changed his tune, it’s really more like a tweak.

Bielema earned $2.6 million as the Badgers’ head coach last season, bringing total staff pay to nearly $4.6 million.

Andersen, on the other hand, will make $1.8 million, for a total on-field payout of approximately $4.295 million – $300,000 less than 2012.

Where it does look like Alvarez may have shifted his thinking is at the top of the assistant food chain.

Former Badger defensive coordinator Chris Ash, the highest paid member of Bielema’s staff, earned just $267,050 a year ago. Dave Aranda, Andersen’s defensive coordinator, will be paid $480,000.

It’s the same on offense. Matt Canada, Bielema’s offensive coordinator last season, made $265,000. New offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig, will make $480,000.

Below is a breakdown of the 2013 Wisconsin, their salaries and what they earned in 2012:

Dave Aranda, Defensive coordinator, Linebackers: $480,000 (Utah State, $157,000)
Andy Ludwig, Offensive coordinator, Quarterbacks: $480,000 (San Diego State, $278,008)
Thomas Hammock, Ass. HC, Rec. coord., Running backs: $300,000 (Wisconsin, $230,950)
T.J. Woods, Offensive line: $250,000 (Utah State, $82,000)
Bill Busch, Secondary: $220,000 (Utah State, $112,000)
Jeff Genyk, Tight ends, Special teams: $220,000 (Cal, $201,150)
Chad Kauha’aha’a, Defensive line: $205,000 (Utah , $170,000)
Chris Beatty, Wide receivers: $200,000 (Illinois, $400,000)
Ben Strickland, Secondary: $140,000 (Wisconsin, $103,600)

For comparison sake, here’s a look at the salaries of Bielema’s 2012 staff:

Chris Ash, Defensive coordinator, Defensive backs: $267,050
Matt Canada, Offensive coordinator, Quarterbacks: $265,000
Mike Markuson, Offensive line: $255,000
Charlie Partridge
, Associate HC, Co-Defensive coordinator, Defensive line: $241,750
Thomas Hammock, Assistant HC, Rec. coordinator, Running backs: $230,950
Andy Buh, Linebackers: $215,000
Zach Azzanni, Wide receivers: $200,000
Eddie Faulkner, Tight ends: $200,000
Ben Strickland, Secondary: $103,600

Note: Bart Miller, who was promoted to offensive line coach when Markuson was fired in September, was paid $50,000.

Photo credit: AP

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