New AU staff to make $1.6 mil less than Chizik's

New AU staff to make $1.6 mil less than Chizik's

Gus Malzhan's Auburn staff will make $1.6 million less than Gene Chizik and his assistants did in 2012. (AP)

Gus Malzhan’s staff will make $1.6 million less than Gene Chizik and his assistants in 2012. (AP)

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]uburn’s new coaching staff will make approximately $5.7 million in guaranteed money this season.

That figure is $1.6 million less than Gene Chizik and staff earned in 2012, according to

The total payout for Gus Malzahn’s staff in 2013 is $5,735,000, far less than the $7,343,200 Chizik’s staff was scheduled to be paid in 2012.

Chizik was fired in November following a 3-9 campaign. None of his assistants were retained, although Scott Fountain, who worked in an off-the-field role, was promoted to tight ends and special teams coach after Rich Bisaccia left to join the Dallas Cowboys’ staff.

Malzahn’s assistants will make combined $3,435,000 vs. the $4,118,950 of Chizik’s staff. Malzahn’s $2.3 million is also far lower than Chizik’s $3,577,500.

Ellis Johnson, who was fired after an 0-11 season at Southern Miss, will actually make more in guaranteed money ($800,000) as Auburn’s defensive coordinator and linebackers than he did as the Golden Eagles’ head coach ($790,000).

Auburn still owes Chizik and his staff buyouts for their contracts, although the total figure for 2013 is not available yet after eight members of the staff found new jobs.

Below is a look at Auburn’s 2013 staff salaries and what they earned in 2012:

Gus Malzahn, Head coach: $2,300,000 (Arkansas State, $856,210)
Ellis Johnson, Defensive coordinator, Linebackers: $800,000 (Southern Miss, $790,000)
Rodney Garner, Associate HC, Rec. coordinator, Defensive line: $500,000 (Georgia, $300,000)
Charlie Harbison, Defensive backs, Co-defensive coordinator: $450,000 (Clemson, $385,000)
Rhett Lashlee, Offensive coordinator, Quarterbacks: $350,000 (Arkansas State, $92,200)
Dameyune Craig, Co-offensive coordinator, Wide receivers: $350,000 (Florida State, $215,500)
J.B. Grimes, Offensive line: $275,000 (Arkansas State, $72,200)
Tim Horton, Running backs: $250,000 (Arkansas, $214,000)
Melvin Smith, Defensive backs: $250,000 (Mississippi State, $231,875)
Scott Fountain, Tight ends, Special teams coordinator: $210,000 (Auburn off-the-field, N/A)

Bisaccia, who was hired as assistant head coach, running backs and special teams coach, but left in January after just 22 days on the staff.

He would have made $500,000, but was paid $38,044.

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