CFS Daily Hot Reads: Monday, March 18, 2013

CFS Daily Hot Reads: Monday, March 18, 2013

NCAA President Mark Emmert (Photo:

NCAA President Mark Emmert (Photo: NCAA)

The NCAA Board of Directors has officially suspended new rules deregulating who can perform recruiting tasks and what printed materials can be sent to prospects. Board members also considered suspending a third proposal that eliminated restrictions on methods and amount of recruiting contact, but they ultimately agreed to let the membership decide that rule’s future through the override process. The two suspended rules, No. 11-2 and No. 13-5-A, will not become effective “unless and until appropriate modifications are made.” Division I members have until May 17 to request an override of today’s move. The Board must review a rule in question if it receives at least 75 override requests. The other 22 rules that were adopted by the NCAA in January will go into effect at the beginning of August. Coaches and administrators from several conferences and schools have expressed concern with the three rules in question. As of early March, the two suspended proposals had received 27 override votes from member programs. The third proposal under consideration had received 19 override votes.

Dabo Swinney’s formula at Clemson is simple: Recruit well, stack the classes as deep as possible at a position of need, then let the young talent play, in hopes that competition will drive improvement. That’s easy to grasp, but much harder to execute. Last year, it worked out well for Clemson at defensive tackle, and Swinney says he’s seeing that happen now at defensive end. Next up is the secondary, where the Tigers enter the spring painfully thin. New defensive backs coach Mike Reed, the former N.C. State assistant hired in December after Charlie Harbison left for Auburn, will have his work cut out for him. The Tigers have just eight scholarship defensive backs on campus, and three of those players are out until after spring break. Reed won’t have a full complement of players until freshmen arrive this summer. “Our number in the secondary is 14,” Swinney said. “Right now we’ve got eight scholarship guys here, with seven coming in – so actually, we’ll be one over. The reason we did that is that we know we’re going to have to count on some of those guys next fall.” … “We know they’re all not going to be ready, and you really never know who’s going to be ready and who’s not. Who you think is going to be ready may come in and not be ready, and then there will be a guy who you thought would never play as a freshman, and he’ll shock you.” … Even with the lack of depth on campus, Swinney’s not nervous. “There’s going to be a lot of opportunity,” he said. “We really like the guys we have. We just need more competition, more accountability, and more quality depth that we can depend on.”

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