Video: National Champs honored at the White House (again)

Video: National Champs honored at the White House (again)

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 2012 BCS National Champion Alabama football team was honored Monday during a ceremony on the White House’s South Lawn.

Bama’s players, President Barack Obama joked, are becoming so familiar with the White House that he’s thinking about adding cots for the team.

“Since I’ll be around for four more football seasons,” Obama said, “I expect I just might see these guys again before I leave.”

It’s the third time in four seasons Nick Saban and his team were honored by Obama.

Saban, who presented Obama with a personalized No. 15 jersey, an autographed football and a helmet, said that the President has collected enough Bama gear over the years to suit up on Saturdays.

“This is a really special occasion and something you never really get used to, so we really appreciate it,” Saban said. “I might say we’re kind of keeping inventory of what we’ve been giving you and now you have a full uniform, you’re an official member of the team. I will have a meeting later with you to decide how much playing time you’re going to get.”

Obama praised former athletic director Mal Moore, who passed away last month, saying that he, “did more than just about anybody to make this program what it is today.” He also praised Saban as well as Crimson Tide players AJ McCarron and Barrett Jones, among others.

“From the beginning of spring practice, the best teams in the country had one goal and that was to try to at least be as good, if not better, than Alabama,” Obama said.

“The Tide kept on rising to the occasion and they never let up.”

Photo credit: Susan Walsh / AP

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