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Nebraska's Bo Pelini gets defensive following 38-17 loss to Iowa

Bo Pelini went on the defensive following Nebraska’s 38-17 loss to Iowa on Friday.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini (Photo: Doug McSchooler, AP)Pelini bristled at a question about his job status, but said he’s not concerned.

“If they want to fire me, go ahead,” Pelini told reporters following the game. “I believe in what I’ve done. I don’t apologize to you. I don’t apologize to anybody, myself or this staff.

“My record, our record since I’ve been here, speaks for itself. And this program is heading in a good direction.”

The numbers don’t exactly back him up.

With the loss, Pelini’s team finished the regular season 8-4 and 5-3 in the Big Ten. It was the Huskers’ fewest regular-season wins since 2008, his first year. Nebraska lost three home games for the first time since 2007 under Bill Callahan.

Despite a 57-24 in six seasons at Nebraska, Pelini has come under heavy fire in the wake of ugly losses to UCLA and Minnesota. An audio recording of a profanity-laden tirade against Cornhuskers fans that went public in September isn’t helping matters.

Pelini’s temper was on full display Friday, and he was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after he protested a third-quarter pass-interference call. He didn’t mince words when asked about the call in the postgame press conference.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Pelini said. “I’ve done a lot worse than that, and I saw (Iowa coach) Kirk Ferentz over on the other side acting a lot worse than I act. I didn’t see a flag come out on him.

“The bottom line is they knew they blew the call. They blew it. They blew that call over there on that third down. And everybody in the stadium knew it. They didn’t man up enough to pick that flag up.”

The question now becomes whether first-year athletic director Shawn Eichorst will decide to go in another direction. Pelini, who makes nearly $3 million a year, is under contract through 2017.

The general feeling has been that things were 50-50 with a 9-3 regular season. At 8-4, the odds probably aren’t nearly that good.

Still, the fact remains that six offensive linemen missed time with injuries, and fourth-year starting quarterback Taylor Martinez was limited to four games with a mysterious foot injury. Backup Tommy Armstrong Jr. missed the Iowa game with an ankle injury, forcing third-stringer Ron Kellogg III into action.

Pelini wouldn’t respond to questions about whether or not he had done enough to save his job.

“You know what? People are gonna say what they want to say,” he said. “I really don’t care. If they want someone — if somebody wants someone else — so be it. I’ll move on.

“I know what I know, and I believe in what we’re doing. I believe in how we’re doing it. We do it the right way here. That’s about it. That’s all you can do.”

Photo: Doug McSchooler, AP

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Countdown to Firing Day – Nov. 28, 2013

A look at where things stand with college football coaching potential firings by guest columnist Franz Beard.


1. LANE KIFFIN, Southern Cal
3. Don Treadwell, Miami of Ohio
4. Carl Pelini, Florida Atlantic
5. Ron English, Eastern Michigan


1. NORM CHOW, Hawaii (0-11)
Why he stays: He’s the original buyout poster child. UCLA once paid him $500,000 not to coach. Since they can’t afford to fix the overflowing toilets and the leaky showers in the UH locker room, they definitely can’t afford the $1.65 million they would have to pay Norm not to coach.
Why he goes: He’s 67, loses track of time while trying to decide whether to watch “The Property Brothers” on HGTV or “Rachel vs. Guy” on the Food Channel. Over at the Hawaii football complex no one notices that he hasn’t shown up for work in a week.

2. DANA HOLGORSEN, West Virginia (4-7)
Why he stays: Did you hear the one about the hillbilly lawyer who gave a coach with the morals of a mink a contract with an $11.3 million buyout?
Why he goes: Video surfaces of the HBC dancing on a bar with a stripper wearing a champagne bucket as a hat.

3. RICH ELLERSON, Army (3-7)
Why he stays: He beats Hawaii this week and Navy next week to end the season on a two-game winning streak. Of course, donkeys could fly, too.
Why he goes: Donkeys do not fly. They fly in the Air Force, which beat Army already, and in the Navy, which will make it 18 years since the last time Army won that game.

4. CHARLEY MOLNAR, UMass (1-10)
Why he stays: The pay is crappy, the facilities are lousy, the weather sucks and there isn’t a top 1000 D1 prospect within 250 miles that you can convince to come play football at UMass, so nobody else will take the job.
Why he goes: Someone in Amherst brain farts with this incredible notion that if Georgia Southern can knock off Florida in The Swamp, why can’t UMass


1. TERRY BOWDEN, Akron (4-7)
Why he stays: Okay, so three of the wins are against teams with a combined 5-29. You gotta start somewhere, right? That’s three more wins than last year. It’s not like the expectations are out of sight in Akron.
Why he goes: Toledo hangs 50 or more on the Zips Friday night.

2. SKIP HOLTZ, Louisiana Tech (4-7)
Why he stays: He works cheap. Because USF has to pay him $500,000 a year for the next five years from his previous coaching disaster, Lousy Tech simply matches that amount and saves about $300 big ones a year.
Why he goes: Skippy is the Bizzaro Holtz, which is to say he’s actually pleasant and doesn’t remind someone of an old man whose sell-by date expired 10 years ago. On the other hand that old man who looks like he hasn’t had a good dump in 10 years can coach. Skippy can’t. Did anyone in Ruston bother to call the folks in Tampa before they hired this guy?

3. MIKE LONDON, Virginia (2-9)
Why he stays: The old boys on The Grounds are a bit perplexed. They are so smart. They are so much hipper than their Ivy League brethren who only wish they could party like a UVa grad. So how is it that they got snookered into an $8 million buyout for the HBC and another $3 million buyout for the coordinators? Why, to pay for that would mean giving up happy hour for the foreseeable future. We can’t have that, can we?
Why he goes: Those uncouth hillbillies from Blacksburg, the ones that don’t know a gentleman would never wear a striped tie with a plaid jacket, win for the 10th straight year. Oh, the shame of it all. And poor Muffy! Why she had to watch these hillbillies swill beer while tailgating behind – gasp – a pickup truck!

4. CHARLIE WEIS, Kansas (3-8)
Why he stays: The Fighting Cheeseburgers have tripled last year’s win total. Besides, they would have to dip into the basketball money to buy him out. Charlie’s lawyer is a shark!
Why he goes: To paraphrase the immortal words of Al Pacino, “Just when you think you’re out off the endangered species list they pull you back in!” How can you beat West Virginia in Morgantown one week then lose to Iowa State, 34-0, the next?

5. PAUL RHOADS, Iowa State (2-9)
Why he stays: The Lord, he do provide! When Paul Rhoads needed a win in the worst way, the Lord sent Kansas.
Why he goes: West Virginia lights up the Cyclones Saturday. Kansas beat West Virginia so there is a very low tolerance level for a loss in Ames. A close loss and they probably give him a mulligan for three bowls in six years. A blowout and all bets are off.


1. KEVIN WILSON, Indiana (4-7)
Why he stays: As long as Wilson can entertain the folks with lots of points and keep the AD from dipping into the basketball budget he’s got a job. Tis better to lose 65-42 than 9-7.
Why he goes: Lose to Pur-Don’t Saturday and he goes from the Life Support to Endangered Species List. There are no excuses for losing to Pur-Don’t.

2. DAN ENOS, Central Michigan (5-6)
Why he stays: In honor of the two-game winning streak that has Enos and the boys on the verge of bowl-eligible, the local Piggly Wiggly in Mount Pleasant is offering a buy one, get one free bologna special in the deli and it includes a free ticket to Saturday’s game with Eastern Michigan. They drew 8,000 to Kelly Shorts Stadium for the win over UMass last week but they had a bogo for pickled pig’s feet for that one.
Why he goes: Losing to Eastern Michigan would do it. Losing seasons are bad enough. Losing seasons that include losses to EMU are intolerable.

3. RON TURNER, Florida International (1-10)
Why he stays: Pete Garcia keeps reminding the faithful that Ron Turner once coached Illinois to a 10-2 record and a trip to the Sugar Bowl. Of course, he fails to inform the faithful that one lucky season was followed by a 10-36 record in the next four years.
Why he goes: Saturday opponent Florida Atlantic has won three in a row since it got rid of its coach. The light goes on in Pete Garcia’s mind, unfortunately an entire wasted season too late.

4. WILL MUSCHAMP, Florida (4-7)
Why he stays: It has been decreed by Jeremy Foley, who is determined to prove to the world that you can have a crappy football team and still win the SEC All-Sports Championship.
Why he goes: Remember the Zooker! On Friday before the Mississippi State game in 2004, Ron Zook was assured that he would be the coach in 2005. On Sunday night he was told that ain’t it funny how the time slips away and it’s 2005 already.

5. DAVE CHRISTENSEN, Wyoming (5-6)
Why he stays: He upsets Utah State in Logan Saturday to get bowl-eligible, avoiding a Monday morning massacre of the football staff. Besides, the St. Bernards they use to rescue coaches stuck in the sometimes 8-foot high snow drifts they get in Laramie are on strike for better food and conjugal privileges in the kennel.
Why he goes: Even though it’s 500 miles to the nearest high school that has two D1 prospects on its campus, some yay-hoo in the administration gets this wild hair up his butt and decides that a quality coach and quality prospects would love to spend six months of the year butt-deep in snow.

6. TIM BECKMAN, Illinois (4-7)
Why he stays: That scintillating come from behind win over Pur-Don’t got the Illini to four wins, double last year’s total. They fired the Zooker for going to and winning two bowl games in a row his last two years.
Why he goes: The president of the university doesn’t want him but the athletic director does. If Beckman is the coach next year, it’s because the AD won the coin flip.

7. MACK BROWN, Texas (7-3)
Why he stays: There’s nothing like a conference championship to shut folks up but he’s got to beat Baylor and hope Okie beats Okie State to win the Big 12. That’s a whole lot of ifs.
Why he goes: Has any coach in history won more games – 243 in 30 seasons of coaching at four schools – and won fewer conference championships? Mack has two (2005 and 2009) and he has one national title. It is possible to win 243 games and under-achieve.


Why he stays: They’re going bowling for the first time since 2000. Hello Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Just what everyone dreams of: a week in Boise in the dead of winter.
Why he goes: The university president gets frostbite in Boise and blames it on Hauck for not winning seven games and getting a bowl trip to Hawaii.

2. RANDY EDSALL, Maryland (6-5)
Why he stays: The good news is that Turtles are going to their first bowl game in four years. The bad news is that James Franklin is taking Gloria Vanderbilt to its third straight bowl. Franklin was the head coach in waiting before some idiot in administration 86’d The Fridge. Dumb move. Very dumb.
Why he goes: Someone emails the Under Armour boys this wise saying Jeremy Foley: “What must be done eventually should be done immediately.” They have the bucks to do what the university doesn’t have the bucks to do and buy out Edsall, who can’t coach a lick.

4. BO PELINI, Nebraska (8-3)
Why he stays: As long as he doesn’t do something really stupid like let Kirk Ferentz outcoach him Saturday, he will be back next year. Bo used to be a good defensive guy. They’re holding out hope in Nebraska that he hasn’t forgotten how because next year if the Huskers can stop anyone, they’ll have a chance to be big time contenders.
Why he goes: It’s Nebraska. Four losses isn’t acceptable, especially if the fourth loss is to a team coached by Kirk Ferentz.

5. KIRK FERENTZ, Iowa (7-4)
Why he stays: He can take bad talent and go 6-6 or 7-5 and good talent and go 8-4. There is something to be said about the kind of consistency that gets your fans trips to fabulous Detroit for the Urban Blight Bowl. It should also be mentioned that there are autographed pictures of his lawyers on the wall of the lawyers for Dana Holgorsen, Bret Bielema and Mike London.
Why he goes: Maybe there is someone out there who would write a check for $21 million. That’s all it would take to buy him out.

6. BRETT BIELEMA, Arkansas (3-8)
Why he stays: They filmed “Night of the Living Dead” in Arkansas. We know that because some zombie disguised as a lawyer drew up a contract for Brett Bielema with a $12.8 million buyout clause, which is a lot of money unless someone named Walton, Reynolds or Tyson decides enough is enough.
Why he goes: By Saturday they will have lost nine in a row and the same state that could understand why President Bubba said, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” launches a “Forgive Bobby Petrino for he knew not what he did” campaign and while they’re about it, buy out the contract of AD Jeff Long, the guy who’s responsible for Brett Bielma.

7. DAN MULLEN, Mississippi State (5-6)
Why he stays: He beats Ole Miss Thursday in the Scrambled Egg Bowl to take the Mississippi Cow College to its fourth straight bowl game. That’s never been done before in StarkVegas where they don’t even mind it if they are required to stay an extra week in Shreveport in the event they lose the Weedwacker Bowl.
Why he goes: Even though the school prez has illusions that StarkVegas could replace Tuscaloosa as the football capital of the south, if Mullen isn’t coaching next year it will be because he got a deal to go coach somewhere else. His resume is out there.

8. JIM GROBE, Wake Forest (4-7)
Why he stays: Duke had to score two late touchdowns to beat Wake Forest Gump Saturday. The Gumpsters will lose to Vanderbilt Saturday but there is no danger Grobe will be gone.
Why he goes: Expectations are different at Wake Forest Gump. Go to an occasional bowl, graduate players and make sure your losing records are at least respectable and you can coach a long time in Winston-Salem. When he goes, it’s when he’s ready to go.

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The Rumor Mill :: College Football Coaching News and Rumors – Wednesday, Nov. 27

Ball State’s Pete Lembo is a hot name. His Cardinals are 9-2 and won nine games last year.

Ball State coach Pete Lembo is likely to be mentioned for several openings. (Photo: Richard Shiro, AP)

Ball State coach Pete Lembo is likely to be mentioned for several openings. (Photo: Richard Shiro, AP)

We’re told Lembo could be a serious candidate at both UConn and Wake Forest.

Sources indicate that Virginia coach Mike London is likely to return in 2014.

His saving grace? An $8.06 million buyout.

It would also cost the Cavs an additional $3.12 million to dump his staff. That’d over $11 million paid to coaches not to coach. That’s unlikely to happen at a place like Virginia.

There’s a ton of chatter about Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe. Multiple sources tell us that Grobe could retire or be pushed out. The Deacons are currently 4-7.

Michigan native Jerry Glanville says he’s the man for the Eastern Michigan job. Glanville lives in Atlanta, but he’d love the opportunity to return his home state and believes the Eagles can win.

According to the Detroit Free Press, other candidates for the EMU job include former Eagles quarterback Ron Adams, ex-Michigan running back Tyrone Wheatley, now an assistant with the Buffalo Bills, former Miami (Ohio) coach Mike Haywood, and Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chuck Martin, previously with Grand Valley State.

At Georgia, there are lots of rumors flying around Athens that the Bulldogs could make some defensive staff changes.

We continue to hear that Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin is going to get looks from the NFL. It’s expected to be a big year for coaching changes in the Not-For-Long league, and the timing might be right for Sumlin to exit College Station.

We’ve been told privately some sources have told us there could be a few staff changes at Northwestern. The Chicago Sun-Times makes that sound very possible.

Akron has extended Terry Bowden’s contract. The Zips are 4-7, but that’s still the school’s most wins in five seasons.

We’re hearing varying opinions on how much trouble Nebraska’s Bo Pelini is in. After sampling several coaches this week, the consensus seems tobe that Pelini keeps his job at 9-3. If the Huskers have a meltdown against Iowa then things get a little more dicey, but for his part, Pelini says he’s not coaching for his job.

At Indiana, we continue to hear that Kevin Wilson is likely to return, but to expect major staff changes on defense. Wilson says his program is making progress.

We’re hearing that Iowa State’s Paul Rhoads will return, but again, expect a major staff shakeup. Rhoads said this week he feels his job “absolutely not” in danger.

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The Rumor Mill :: College Football Coaching News and Rumors – Wednesday, Nov. 27

We’ve heard rumblings over the past several days that Rutgers coach Kyle Flood could be in trouble, and we added him to this week’s Hot Seat list.

Could Rutgers coach Kyle Flood be in trouble? (Photo: Julio Cortez, AP)

Could Rutgers coach Kyle Flood be in trouble? (Photo: Julio Cortez, AP)

Now, the Asbury Park Press reports the situation for Flood might be even worse than we thought. Athletics director Julie Hermann is already under investigation and most agree if she goes, so does Flood.

Flood would be owed $850,000 if he is fired before Feb. 1, 2014. Keep an eye on this one.

With Rutgers headed to the B1G, the Scarlet Knights may want to start with a clean slate… or an old one. Greg Schiano anyone?

Mack Brown is only a few wins away from passing Darrell Royal on Texas‘ all-time Texas wins list. In fact, he probably hits the mark next season – if he returns.

Even though UT megabooseter Joe Jamail says that Brown will decide when he retires, sources continue to tell us this is likely his last season in Austin.

If Brown goes, who takes his place? As you’ve no doubt heard numerous times, Alabama coach Nick Saban tops the Longhorns’ wish list. Earlier this week, Saban’s wife Terry told the Wall Street Journal that the couple intends to retire in Tuscaloosa, but the Sabans certainly aren’t above changing their minds.

If Saban does stay put, we continue to hear that Jimbo Fisher, Charlie Strong, Jon Gruden and Art Briles could all be in play.

Briles stated last week, that he “cannot envision” talking with other schools at season’s end, but sources indicate he’d still likely listen to Texas.

Another name that has surfaced is Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin last coached in college at Cincinnati in 1999-2000, where he was on staff with Jimbo Fisher. Ian Rappaport reported a couple of weeks ago that Tomlin’s job in Pittsburgh is safe for 2014.

Sources indicate Tomlin may be ready to move on – and that he’d have a keen interest in Texas.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s name is also making the rounds, both publicly and privately. Many believe he could emerge as a prime candidate at Texas.

At Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Will Muschamp will return as coach in 2014, but that there will be “significant changes” on the staff. Sources tell us the two most likely sacrifices are offensive coordinator Brent Pease and offensive line coach Tim Davis.

Pease said today he believes he deserves to return.

You may remember Davis from his off-season spat with his former boss, Nick Saban.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reports that FAU coach Carl Pelini was fired for not reporting conduct of staff and not for using illegal drugs. Here’s an excerpt from a letter that interim president Dennis J. Crudele sent to Pelini:

“FAU did not terminate your employment because of a finding that you used illegal drugs. Accordingly to clarify these significant points … your resignation is withdrawn and your separation is converted to a termination with cause based on our finding that you failed to timely report certain conduct of a member of your staff, as required by your contract.”

We continue to hear that Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell is a serious candidate. FAU AD Pat Chun said he would like to name the Owls’ next football coach by Dec. 8.

Stephen F. Austin has fired  coach J.C. Harper.

James Madison fired head coach Mickey Mathews.

According to the Daily News-Record, “JMU might be interested in as its new coach are Oakland Raiders quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, Arizona co-offensive coordinator Rod Smith and Virginia Tech tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator Bryan Stinespring.”

Elon has fired coach Jason Swepson. Swepson went 10-24 in three seasons.

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Illinois staff member arrested for pointing gun at fellow coaches

A member of the Illinois coaching staff has been charged after allegedly pointing an unloaded handgun at a vehicle carrying other staff members.

Matt Sinclair (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

Matt Sinclair (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

Matt Sinclair, Illinois’ assistant director of player personnel and relations,  was arrested Saturday and charged with four counts of unlawful use of weapons after he allegedly pointed a gun.

The incident occurred following Illinois’ win over Purdue.

Sinclair, who played linebacker for the Illini from 2001-04, was arrested at around 3 p.m. Saturday after a witness in a car behind Sinclair claimed he aimed a gun at a blue SUV. The SUV contained other full-time football staff members, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Police say Sinclair said he pointed the gun as a joke.

“We’re aware of the current situation concerning staff member Matt Sinclair,” Illinois coach Tim Beckman said in a statement.

“He clearly had a lapse in judgment after returning to Champaign-Urbana on Saturday. He is in the early stages of the legal process. We’re still gathering all the information about the incident and I don’t intend to comment further at this time.”

Sinclair appeared in court for arraignment Monday, facing faces three Class 4 felony charges each punishable by one to three years in prison. He also faces a fourth charge for possession of brass knuckles, a Class A misdemeanor.

The case was delayed until Dec. 3 so that Sinclair can obtain counsel, authorities said.

In 2004, Sinclair was convicted of battery and served a year of probation.

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College Football Coaching Hot Seat Ranking – Monday, Nov. 25

The Football Rumor Mill Hot Seat Ranking for Monday, Nov. 25, based on the latest college football coaching news and insider rumors:

USC – Lane Kiffin
UConn – Paul Pasqualoni
Miami (Ohio) – Don Treadwell
FAU – Carl Pelini
Eastern Michigan – Ron English

THE FLAMING FANNYFiring Seems a Forgone Conclusion
Army –Rich Ellerson (3-7)
Hawaii – Norm Chow (0-11)

Central Michigan – Dan Enos (5-6) COOLER
FIU – Ron Turner (1-10)
Texas – Mack Brown (7-3)
Wake Forest – Jim Grobe (4-7)
Wyoming – Dave Christensen (5-6) COOLER

THE TOASTY TUSHFiring is a Possibility
Air Force – Troy Calhoun (2-9)
Illinois – Tim Beckman (4-7) COOLER
Indiana – Kevin Wilson (4-7)
Iowa State – Paul Rhoads (2-9)
Kansas – Charlie Weis (3-8)
Maryland – Randy Edsall (6-5)
Mississippi State – Dan Mullen (5-6)
Nebraska – Bo Pelini (8-3) COOLER
Rutgers – Kyle Flood (5-5) WARMER
SMU – June Jones (5-5)
UAB – Garrick McGee (2-9) WARMER
UNLV – Bobby Hauck (6-5)
Virginia – Mike London (2-9) COOLER
West Virginia – Dana Holgorsen (4-7) COOLER

THE HEATING PADPlenty Warm, but… will probably see 2014
Florida – Will Muschamp (4-7)
Georgia Tech – Paul Johnson (7-4)
Iowa – Kirk Ferentz (7-4)
Michigan – Brady Hoke (7-4) WARMER
Troy – Larry Blakeney (5-6)
Washington – Steve Sarkisian (7-4)

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Marcus Allen, former Trojans express support for Orgeron

Current USC players have made it no secret that they would like to see the interim coach Ed Orgeron become the team’s head coach, and now a group of former Trojans is showing their support for Orgeron as well.

Marcus Allen and a group of former USC players support Ed Orgeron to be the Trojans next head coach. (Photo: Damian Dovarganes, AP)Four former SC players — all Pro Football Hall of Fame members — told the L.A. Times that Orgeron should be high on Pat Haden’s list to replace Lane Kiffin.

Marcus Allen, the 1981 Heisman Trophy winner, is the most outspoken of the group.

“From the depths of despair, from a program that was flat-lining, he has made a tremendous turnaround,” Allen said. “Here’s a guy who cares about his players, treats them like his sons, and he wants the very best for them. So he’s going to put you in the right position to be successful.

“He wants these guys to realize their dream, but he knows the only way to do it is to be tough.”

Allen notes that USC has had its biggest success when the head coach was a strong motivator rather than an Xs and O’s guru.

“It’s people, not plays,” he said. “You always hear those coaches say, ‘I don’t care if you like me, I just want to be respected.’ I mean, that’s a joke, dude. You want respect, but you want to be liked too. Because if your players like you, they’ll give you even more.

“Coach O understands that. He’s recruited all these kids. He’s been in every single living room. He knows these kids, he knows their parents. He feels responsible, because they’re there because of him. He wants the best for them.”

Safety Ronnie Lott, and offensive tackles Anthony Munoz and Ron Yary also believe that Orgeron should get strong consideration for the job.

“Ed Orgeron showed me, and showed a lot of people, that . . . in terms of moving forward, he’s got to be considered. He’s not only got to be considered, but he should be very high on the list,” Lott said.

Orgeron asked Munoz to speak to the team before last month’s game at Notre Dame, and Munoz later led USC onto the field before a home game against Utah.

“I’d hate to be in Pat’s shoes right now,” Munoz said. “I think Ed, at least from me being there a couple of times, I think he’s done a phenomenal job. The whole atmosphere is different. Not once has he mentioned the lack of scholarships [because of NCAA sanctions]. That impresses me.

“When you hear the quarterback talk about how much he loves the guy, just going by the tweets, you can see that guys just love him. I’m sure there’s people that want the high-profile names, but I don’t know. If he wins out, he’s got to be strongly considered.”

Yary said if the Trojans beat UCLA on Saturday that Orgeron has to be at the top of the list of candidates.

“It’s not fair for me to think for Pat,” Yary said. “But if there’s a guy who’s stepping up to earn it, [Orgeron] has so far. He’s certainly turned the program around. . . . I’ve met Ed and hear a lot of good things about him from other people.

“I’m sure they’ll give him a fair opportunity to get the job. If he wins the rest of the games, I think he’s put himself up for a job offer.”

Photo: Damian Dovarganes, AP

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