Audio: The expletive-filled rant that got Ron English fired

Audio: The expletive-filled rant that got Ron English fired

Eastern Michigan athletic director Heather Lyke abruptly fired coach Ron English on Friday.

A day later, the school acknowledged a recording of an expletive-filled tirade played a role in the decision to let English go.

Listen to a copy of the recording courtesy of the Detroit News below.

Here’s a transcript of the audio via SB Nation:

It’s always you, it’s never anybody else! It’s you, it’s you, it’s you, and it’s who you are. Just saying, it’s you, you’re never gonna improve, ever! You’ll always be f***** up! And as soon as you get one and everybody else, you’re gonna…(inaudible)

You’re right I’m pissed.


All comes down to having pride, period.


So shower folks.


That’s what all I was pissed off about. How did so many kids go bad? I haven’t been around players where so many go bad, so s***bird. I mean this is s***bird football! It’s bad. As bad as I’ve ever been around, Jesus. Bad as I’ve ever been around. Just s***bird football. I’ve never been around players where you’ve coached the same s*** for months. I’ve never been in a place like that. Gotta coach the same s*** over and over. Gotta coach practice, gotta coach (inaudible), are you kidding me? (inaudible) Just once, and I gotta coach the same s***.

There’s a lack of focus now. There’s a lack of pride, is what that is. But more importantly, self-respect. That’s what it really is; you have no respect for yourselves. Why should anybody else, if you’ve never looked at yourself and said, you know what, I’m not falling into that trap, I’m not (unintelligible).

That’s why I have no respect for the players that went here, I have no f****** respect for you b****. I have no respect for you little quittin’-ass b****. That’s why you got your ass kicked, quitter. That’s what I call y’all, all little f***ers. Mother******, I don’t need to respect you, I don’t give a f*** about you, b****. There, it’s true. I don’t f***** care about complainers, cause you mother****** are quitters. Gotta get out mother*******. I don’t give a f*** about you, b****.

Could care less. I respect football players, but I respect football players, mother******. But you ain’t no football player, you little b****. You’re a little f****** b****, that everybody laughs at over and over, because they know you’re a f***** quitter. They know from the third quarter and halftime that you quit. If you wanna call it what it is. Do you know why it happens? Because you allow it to happen out here. You just come out here on Thursdays and f*** around, come out on Wednesdays and f*** around…

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