Nick Saban Contract Sets New High For Public Employees

Nick Saban Contract Sets New High For Public Employees

How many footballs does Nick Saban’s contract buy?  Answer—194,341 official game balls from Dick’s.

What win/loss record equates to an annual payout of nearly $7 million?  Answer—Nick Saban is 72-9 the last six seasons.

We love football.  We do. Heck, I’m first in line to drop serious jack when my team makes the title game.  Football makes the world go round for a lot of folks; despite the fact their team plays a max of 15 games a year.  That leaves 350 days to fill with other things—Like reading this!  Thanks, by the way.

All of this begs the question, are coaches paid too much?

Like everything else in a free market economy, compensation is based on what the market will bear.  The college football market will bear a lot.

Don’t fret, that question is not being asked here.  But I am asking how do you feel when public employee salaries are nearly 10% of their department’s operating revenue?  Does it sit just a little sideways that in the 47th poorest state in the union the highest paid education official is a football coach?

Alabama stands above only five states with fewer high school graduates.  They aren’t alone though.  Most of the SEC’s footprint is in the bottom quarter.

The data is pretty clear and it’s no secret Alabama lags behind in numerous “wellness” metrics.  However, between the Tide and Tigers, no state stands taller on the gridiron.

In a free market you get what you pay for, and the “Heart of Dixie” is a clear example that.  Right, wrong or indifferent it is what is.

In the end, fans vote with their pocketbook.  The recent trend shows many an empty pocketbook; so coaching salaries are generally accepted.  That is until your team goes 8-4.  At that point, fire them all!  When that happens, make sure to visit us at

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