Pete Carroll Isn’t The Only College Football Coach With Truth Issues

Pete Carroll Isn’t The Only College Football Coach With Truth Issues

The annals of college football are filled with the tales coaches profess as facts and sworn oaths, some taller than others, but all tales nonetheless. Really, what would college football be without the little white lies, half-truths, boldface lies, and misdirection of coaches? — A lot less fun. After all, this is We exist because of these very things!

Let’s take a glance at some of the more memorable ‘coaches having difficulty with the truth’ scenarios of the recent past.  We begin with Pete Carroll and whether or not he would have stayed at USC if he knew the severity of the NCAA sanctions headed to Trojan land.  Carroll told the Los Angeles Times he would have.

The good folks in Bristol, CT seized on this and ran a SportsNation poll, which showed 49 states believe Pete Carroll is, well, a liar.  We all know polls are scientific (cough, cough) so therefore the National Championship and Super Bowl winning coach is undoubtedly a liar.  Of course he would have stayed. Why wouldn’t he?  Who needs NFL money when you have Will Farrell and sweater wearing cheerleaders?

Aside from Carroll’s desire to stay at USC what else ranks up there with the really completely inane?

The easiest target is Nick Saban and his denials on becoming the next Alabama coach. There’s nothing quite like having the chutzpah to display anger at a question, which you know to be true and sound, but say it’s the exact opposite.  Who really believed Saban was staying in Miami?

How about Urban Meyer’s health? Do college football fans buy that? Do Florida fans buy that? In fairness, losing to Saban can be detrimental to one’s well being. Is one year off really spending time with your family or is it just buying time until the Buckeys have an opening?

The Buckeyes. Yes, actively covering up “Tatoogate” is having issues with the truth. Don’t worry Jim Tressell, you still dot the ‘i’ in the heart of many a Buckeye fan.

Into the way back machine we go for a trip to Oxford, MS. Tommy Tuberville says he’s not leaving The Grove unless it’s in a pine box…or until Terry Bowden is run out of Auburn.  You know, whichever comes first.

Bobby Petrino.  This should be fun.

Bobby Petrino 1:  the thought likely running through Petrino’s mind, ‘I have no interest in Auburn and I did not meet with Auburn officials about this on Bobby Lowder’s plane.’

Bobby Petrino 2:  Bobby gets a contract extension at Louisville and less than week later interviews for the same job at LSU. After publicly withdrawing his name from considering from the LSU job, Petrino issued a statement proclaiming that he was fully committed to honoring his contract with the University of Louisville.

Bobby Petrino 3: Summer of 2006, Petrino gets a 10 year $25 million deal from the Cardinals and says I…wanted to make sure that everyone understood — and I know I’ve said it — that this is where my family wants to be and where I want to be. But I want everyone to really believe it when it is said.” At the end of season Petrino leaves for the Atlanta Falcons.

Bobby Petrino 4:  True, a dog fighting scandal was a prime player in the unhappy Petrino/Falcons union but Petrino and Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, met and agreed to be on the same page. A few hours later, following a blowout national TV loss, he left a note in the locker room saying he’d taken the head-coaching gig in Fayetteville. Woo pig sooie!

Bobby Petrino 5:  Is it a motorcycle wreck or did you really get your butt kicked by your lover’s fiancee? The affair turned out to be the least of his worries.  He knowingly had the University Arkansas issue a false statement on his behalf. There would be no more calling the hogs for Petrino.

There you have it.  A look at some the best gut busting, eye rolling, head scratching coach truth-isms.  Which one is your favorite?  Better yet, what’s the next likely scenario and who’s knee deep in it?

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