Reporter And Auburn Mom Clash Over ‘Claimed’ National Titles
Auburn Football

Reporter And Auburn Mom Clash Over ‘Claimed’ National Titles

How many National Championships do the Auburn Tigers have? In football, swimming does not count in this scenario.

The answer is 2. One in 1957 and the second in 2010.

But, Auburn AD Jay Jacobs is wanting to expand that number by claiming titles in other years. Tommy Tuberville’s undefeated 2004 Tigers are a good candidate.

Jacobs’ desire to form a committee to delve into the matter has not gone unnoticed.

A National College Football reporter had this to say…

An Auburn mom was not too happy with Mr. Wolken.

Trolling fans is becoming an art form. In case you missed it, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt took Alabama fans to task during golf’s U.S. Open.

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