Baylor’s Art Briles Wonders If Jimbo Fisher Is A Commie
Art Briles

Baylor’s Art Briles Wonders If Jimbo Fisher Is A Commie

Jimbo Fisher may very well be the head coach of the reigning National Champs, but Art Briles thinks he’s basically silly.

The Baylor head man, who is Texan through and through, seemed to take some exception to Jimbo Fisher’s demand that the Big 12 play a championship game.

Fisher made his comments during ACC Media Days.

“I think every conference should have to have (a conference championship game),” Fisher said. “We got a championship where not everyone plays the same number of games and does the same things. I think it’s ridiculous.”

If the Big 12 needs to play a championship game then the ACC needs to play…someone, anyone, that’s worth a damn.

Florida State won the final BCS title, but they also showed just how bad the ACC is/was by being dictated to by an undermanned Auburn defense.

If I were Fisher, I’d keep quiet and just hope Jameis Winston stays out of trouble, or at least stops talking about how he’s matured.


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