Is Practicing Shoddy Construction Taking A Rivalry Too Far?
Bobby Livingston hangs Alabama flag from Kyle Field.

Is Practicing Shoddy Construction Taking A Rivalry Too Far?

When I set out to write an article about Bobby Livingston, the ironworker who allegedly used a crane to hang a Bama flag at Kyle Field in College Station, I expected to write a quick article about the merits of people on both sides of the issue. It seemed clear from the beginning that most Bama fans (perhaps some other fans) viewed it as part of a growing rivalry. But there were also those who decried Livingston’s shenanigans as being unsafe and not belonging on the job site.

That article had to be put on hold when reports started to come in that he was using Facebook to brag about having sabotaged stadium construction efforts.

According to, in separate posts from February and April, Livingston claimed to be “putting iron in backwards and wrong holing everything” and cautioned people not to sit in the new Northeast End Zone due to “questionable” welds he’d made in the rain.

So at what point do we start to take one fan’s posts as anything more than saber rattling? Is putting up your school’s flag on an opponent’s stadium a simple rivalry stunt? Or was he being reckless with company time, resources and, ultimately, fans sitting in the stands? Is this what rivalry has come to?

If every fan base has its crazies, how do we maintain the healthy rivalry and trash talk without resorting to antics like tree poisoning and intentionally putting other people at risk?

Are we even seriously having this conversation?

The inspector for the Kyle Field renovation has since assured the media that the construction is safe and up to standards.

Lane Oden
College football fan and lover of all things BBQ. Living in SEC territory.
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