New Kansas Football Uniforms Are Awful

New Kansas Football Uniforms Are Awful

All right, all right, we get it already. Alternate uniforms are in. Thank you Oregon Ducks and Phil Knight’s money. And damn you Oregon Ducks and Phil Knight’s money!

Why is it back-to-school shopping causes football players to act like they won the lottery? Watch the reactions of the Nebraska, Miami, and Kansas squads when their new threads are unveiled.

I haven’t been recruited to play football, not even flag football, but I will never, for the life of me, understand the hoopla over these alternate uni’s.

If you dress all shiny and new, yet lose, guess what. You still lost and you look like a moron. That’s like hanging two “L’s” on the scoreboard.

No amount of chrome facemasks will turn you into a good football team. And if you are a good football team, do you really need chrome facemasks to prove it?

Kansas is not a good football team. It’s Kansas. Football is merely the prelude to basketball season. If I’m a Kansas Jayhawk football player I doubt wearing a giant fast food looking bird on my helmet is going to increase my 40 time or land me a hot Oregon cheerleader. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a Jayhawkette. Have you seen the Oregon ladies?!?!

The New York Yankees, Green Bay Packers, Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, have no need for disco fever uniforms. Winners win. Wannabes change clothes…a lot.


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