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The Hot Seat: Week 3

Check out our newest Hot Seat rankings. Is Will Muschamp’s rear end on fire after needing triple overtime to beat Kentucky? And which coach has cooled his seat with a win?

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Harvey Updyke Can’t Pay Auburn, Takes 21 Medications

Harvey Updyke, the infamous idiot Alabama fan that killed the oaks at Toomer’s Corner and then told the world about it via Paul Finebaum, is having trouble paying his court ordered restitution because he has 21 medications he must take each month.

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The Hot Seat: Week 2

Our rankings are simple. Who’s the most likely to get fired? That’s the only criteria we use to group them. The higher the ranking, the more likely they’ll be shown the door.

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June Jones

June Jones Out To Pasture At SMU

It took just two weeks in 2014 but the first domino in the college football caching carousel has fallen. June Jones has resigned immediately from SMU. We all know what resigns means don’t we?

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VIDEO: Pat Haden Complains To Officials

Athletic Directors are supposed to raise money, give speeches, hire and fire coaches and do it mostly behind the scenes. They aren’t supposed to run onto the field and argue with officials.

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Associated Press

Florida State Is Investigating Jameis Winston Case, Finally

There’s so much to say about Jameis Winston’s off field actions. But, the one organization that drug its feet the most regarding the purported sexual assault he was involved in is finally stepping up.

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Ashley Armes and Daniel Dickson get married before Tennessee game.

VIDEO: A Rocky Top Wedding

College football fans are the best. They provide us with a never ending pool of ‘stupid human tricks’ to explore. Case in point, a bride clad in Tennessee Volunteer checkered overalls. Yes, I said bride.

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