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Hot Seat Week 4: Who’s Getting Fired?

Our rankings are simple. Who’s the most likely to get fired? That’s the only criteria we use to group them. The higher the ranking, the more likely they’ll be shown the door. Rankings are not based only on week-to-week results, they are based on what we hear from sources on the ground – and that can change based on any number of things.

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VIDEO: Urban Meyer Needed Ambien And Beer To Sleep At Florida

Urban Meyer just can’t help himself. It’s like he’s told a tale so long that he believes it himself. The problem is, a lot of football fans still think he’s a shady used car salesman.

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VIDEO: Steve Spurrier Knows Gamecocks Aren’t Very Good

Steve Spurrier has been accused of many things in his career. Running up the score, being a jerk, being a lousy NFL coach (well that’s actually true), but the one thing people love him the most for…telling it like it is.

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Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston: Florida State’s PR Nightmare

America, this is Jameis Winston. His resume reads something like: Student Athlete, BCS National Championship QB, Heisman Award Winner, alleged rapist.

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Jameis Winston Said This–NSFW

Jameis Winston stood on a table in the student union and yelled “F*%k her right in the P*@@Y.” Yes, he said that. And he’s being punished, sort of.

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Will Muschamp Will Get Opportunity At Florida Ron Zook Didn’t

Barring an unforeseen disaster, Will Muschamp will be the head football coach at the University of Florida in 2015.

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VIDEO: LSU Fans Can’t Make Out And Stand Up At Same Time

Kissing your date is a tradition at Texas A&M games. Taking a tumble down the bleachers is a drunken LSU thing.

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