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VIDEO: Herschel Walker On How To Fix College Football

In response to the two decade long academic scandal at North Carolina, the former Georgia great says things happen at schools more often than we think.

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VIDEO: Jimbo Fisher Gives Death Stare To Reporter

At a recent speaking engagement in Birmingham, Alabama, Jimbo Fisher was quite unhappy with local ABC (Mike Raita) for asking questions about Fisher’s reputation and whether or not it’s taken a hit due to the numerous Jameis Winston scandals.

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The Rumor Mill Week 5: College Football’s Best Scoop

This week’s scoop…Can Brady Hoke survive at Michigan? David Shaw to the Raiders? And, NFL scouts don’t trust Jimbo Fisher.

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Could $7 Million Made Jameis Winston’s Accuser Go Away?

Another day, another dollar in the ‘Jameis Winston is the biggest buffoon this side of Jimbo Fisher’ saga. Winston’s attorney claims the accuser wanted $7 million to go away.

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VIDEO: Steve Spurrier Knows Gamecocks Aren’t Very Good

Steve Spurrier has been accused of many things in his career. Running up the score, being a jerk, being a lousy NFL coach (well that’s actually true), but the one thing people love him the most for…telling it like it is.

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Jameis Winston Said This–NSFW

Jameis Winston stood on a table in the student union and yelled “F*%k her right in the P*@@Y.” Yes, he said that. And he’s being punished, sort of.

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Quick Hitters: What’s Important From Week 2

Here’s what you need to know and what’s really important after two weeks of college football.

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