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The AP Poll should be retired.

Has The AP Poll Lost All Its Credibility?

Heading into Week 6, we’re starting to get a feel for the identity of the top teams. It’s still too early to pick clear favorites for the first College Football Playoff, but we’re starting to get an idea about who those top 4 teams may be. It’s never mattered less who is sitting at number 1, but it appears that the AP Poll has picked its favorite.

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Fun with Photoshop: Jim Bridge

jim_bridgeBy all accounts, Jim Bridge is one of the nicest guys in the coaching world.

Bridge, who coached under Tom O’Brien at Boston College and later at N.C. State, was announced Wednesday as Tim Beckman’s new offensive line coach at Illinois.

Even though he’s a heckuva nice guy, Bridge, like all of us in the coaching profession, has to raise his voice from time to time. Unfortunately for Bridge, a photographer happened to catch him “in the act.”

The picture became quite popular with the Wolfpack faithful over at the Backing the Pack Blog, and, naturally, the readers there dusted off their copies of Photoshop and created some first rate humor.

In honor of Bridge’s new gig, we’ve posted a few of our favorites below. You can see all of their creations in the aptly titled thread “Bridge Over the River Awesome.”

Selections from “Bridge Over the River Awesome”


By Backing the Pack user “non_sequitur”


By Backing the Pack user “non_sequitur”


By Backing the Pack user “non_sequitur”


By Backing the Pack user “non_sequitur”


By Backing the Pack user “non_sequitur”


By Backing the Pack user “non_sequitur”

Trent Richardson, Tyrann Mathieu, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Montee Ball

By Backing the Pack user “Akula Wolf”


By Backing the Pack user “non_sequitur”

Original threadBridge Over the River Awesome

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