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Miami radio host fired after offering bounty on FSU player

Miami radio host Dan Sileo has been fired after he sent a tweet offering a bounty on an FSU player.

Sileo, who played for the Hurricanes in the 1980s, was a host on Miami’s 640AM. Sunday morning, he tweeted:

“in 6 weeks… I will PAY A $1000 BUCKS to ANY @hurricanesports PLAYER to TAKES THIS KID OUT #MHFREEMAN.”

Included in the tweet was the photo below, which shows Florida State defensive lineman Timmy Jernigan holding up the “U” symbol, but was apparently made in reference to Seminoles running back Devonta Freeman.

Florida State defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan (Photo: Cliff Welch, Icon SMI)

Sileo subsequently apologized, stating that the was a joke and that he wasn’t serious about the $1,000 bounty:


Regardless, the damage was done, as the Sun-Sentinel’s Dave Hyde tweeted that Sileo had been fired from the radio station. Hyde also tweeted that the Miami compliance department was not happy about the tweet.

According to Sileo’s twitter feed, he says he’s been inundated with backlash from FSU fans and claims he’s received multiple death threats.

He also claims that there were threats against his daughter, and he has hired a private cop for protection and that his family is now in hiding.

Photo: Cliff Welch, Icon SMI

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